Vertical turning

- 7 pcs CNC vertical turning machines with rotating tools, several 5-axis turning machines
- Turning diameter up to 5000 mm
- Turning height up to 2450 mm


- 10 pcs CNC horizontal turning machines, most of with rotating tools
- Turning diameter up to 2000 mm
- Turning length up to 6000 mm
- Several 5-axis turning machines


- 8 pcs CNC machining centers
- Length of the working area up to 14 000 mm
- Height of the working area  up to 4 500 mm
- Some machines have rotating tables and pallet changers
- Rotating table up to 30 tons

Welding , platework and NDT testing

- Qualifications AISI 304/316, duplex, super duplex, SMO, S235/S355
- Power Tech Group is using both 3rd party resources  for testing the   welding with the following methods: PT, UT, MT, X-Ray and internal sertified NDT2 level testing methods: PT and MT for castings.
- Welding procedure test WPS and WPQR
- Bending and cutting machines and cranes up to 20 tons

Assembly, surface finishing and testing

- Surface finishing according to customer specs:
- Painting, pickling, teflon coating
- Assemblies with pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics
- Various testing possibilities according to customer specs
- Load tests, pressure tests, leakage tests (water, air, helium)
- Functionality tests

Measuring and logistics

- CMM measuring, own parts and to our customer, measuring area 2 x 3,3 x 1,5 m
- Spare parts storage and logistics  services for our customers
- Buffer stock for our customers castings
- Temporary storage for projects parts


- 5 pcs traditional gearing machines for internal and external gears
- 5-axis machines for external gears with all modern gearing methods
- Max outside / inside dia 1000 mm
- Gear racks up to 1000 mm of lenght