Quality and values

Kotka Power Tech Oy is workshop, which fabricate welded and machined parts for our customer products. Parts had to fulfill our customers Quality specifications.

Quality means to us

  • Products are dimensionally accurate, right material, finished and competitive price.
  • Deliveries are in right time and place.
  • Flexibility are that we try to respond our customer problems, like express delivery and special parts.
  • Operations base on proactive production planning.

Our tools to make Quality

  • Skilled personnel is our biggest resource, whose workmanship we take care and develop.
  • Production equipments are modern, we take good care of maintenance of the machines. And continually searching new efficient production methods.
  • Our target is long term co-operation with our customers and suppliers, which give answer to all question of quality.
  • ISO 9001 we have made to make sure of Quality.
  • EN 3834 which defines procedures of the Quality.
  • ISO 14001 we have made to take care of our Environment.
  • Lean Management is key idea to our processes and operations.